Two Effective Ways of Keyword Researching Followed by The Ottawa SEO Services Experts

In this article, I will introduce you with two of the most popular keyword researching strategies that are often followed by the smart SEO and digital marketing professionals of Ottawa SEO Services. To know about these 2 techniques and make yourself a lot more knowledgeable about keyword research, please keep reading until the end.

ottawa seo services keyword research technique

Two Keyword Researching Strategies of Ottawa SEO Services


Research related search terms.

According to the SEO professionals of one of the most popular Ottawa SEO Services, EagleWebz (click here to visit the link), this is considered as one of the most creative steps you may have already considered about when performing keyword research. If not, it’s an amazing way to easily fill out those lists.

If you are currently struggling to think of more keywords individuals might be looking to regarding a particular topic, try paying a visit to and keep your eyes on the related search terms that demonstrate when you input a keyword. When you are going to input in your keyword phrase and scroll to the bottom of the Google search engine’s result, you will see a number of suggestions for searches relevant to your genuine input. These types of keywords can easily spark ideas for other different keywords you may probably want to take into consideration.

Would you like to a bonus? Input in several of those relevant search terms and keep your eyes on THEIR relevant search terms.

Try checking for a combination of both the long – tail keywords and head terms in each bucket.

If you really do not have any knowledge about the difference between long tail keywords and head – terms, let me give some time to explain it in a very proper way. Basically, the head terms are also known as the keywords phrases that are in general, more generic and shorter at the same time – they are usually just 1 to 3 words in length, based on who you talk to. On the other side,  the long tail keywords are longer keyword phrases generally containing 3 or more than three words.

It’s pretty much essential and vital for you to check that you have a combination of both the head terms and long-tail terms since it will provide you with a keyword strategy that is perfectly balanced with short – term wins and long – term goals. This is because because head terms are usually searched often and often, making them frequent (not at all times, but majority of time) pretty much competitive and difficult to rank for than long – tail terms. Just consider about this: Without even taking a look at the search difficulty or volume, which of the following search terms do you think would be difficult to rank for in Google or other search engines?

  1. how to write a great blog post
  2. blogging

If your answer is #2, you are completely right. However do not get discouraged. While head terms usually boast the most search volume (simplifying greater potential to drive you traffic), to be very honest, the visitors you will receive from the search term “how to write a great blog post” is generally a lot more predictable and desirable.


Because somebody who is in search of something that specific is probably a lot more qualified searcher for your service or product (assuming you are in the blogging space) than somebody searching for something truly generic. And since the long-tail keywords have a tendency to be more particular, it’s generally quite simpler to tell what individuals who search for those keywords are actually in search of. Somebody looking for the head term “blogging,” on the other side, could be looking it entirely host of reasons not related to the business you’re current doing.

So try checking the keyword lists to ensure you have a very healthy combination of both the head terms and long-tail keywords. You surely want some fast wins that long-tail keywords will assist you for sure to afford you, but you ought to try to look for more hard head terms over the long haul.

In conclusion, mainly those two above mentioned strategies bring a lot of success to EagleWebz, the leading Ottawa SEO Services provider. So, you can also implement it for your business as well for achieving the similar success like them. Thanks for reading!